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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a moment to boast

Well, it finally happened. I've been discovered. If you look on page 105 of Mississippi Magazine, you'll find a huge picture of Smoky Eggs Benedict, plus the recipe, plus a little picture of me and a blurb at the bottom. A blurb about me! I'm practically famous.

Why am I on page 105? Because I'm a category finalist! For that honor, I got six Mississippi Magazines in the mail (literally the day after I bought a stack of them at the store - curses!), plus prizes of cookbooks and a Mississippi-shaped cookie cutter. (Whoopee.)

I, of course, would rather be the grand prize winner. That honor, however, went to Peggy's Pound Cake, a recipe that a woman submitted in honor of her mother. (There's a very heart-warming story here.) I quickly scrutinized the recipe and offered scathing criticism, such as the fact that the recipe calls for cake mix! (I conveniently overlooked the fact that the cornbread cakes in my recipe call for cornbread from a mix, too...)

After a couple days of wallowing in sour grapes, I decided to actually try the pound cake. It's delicious. No doubt. I'm not sorry that I lost to Peggy. I mean, just look at that picture. Doesn't it look delicious? I'm not going to give the recipe here, because that doesn't seem fair and because that might violate some copyright law. So, I recommend you go out and buy a Mississippi Magazine (or come pick one up from me - I have loads of them) and cook this cake.

You should try my recipe, too.


  1. YAY Drew! I want an autographed copy of MM, please sir. One day when you are truly famous, I will sell it for loads of money.

  2. way to go Drew! is there no end to your talent? very proud of you and happy for you! am so technically challenged i haven't figured out how to indicate that it's me (your favorite mother-in-law)writing...