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Sunday, January 17, 2010

breakfast sandwiches

We went to church this morning, and when we got home, my lovely wife asked for brunch, crawled in bed, and promptly went back to sleep. (That’s one of the things I admire about Kaytie – she’s a champion sleeper.)

I knew I’d have to make something tasty to tempt her back into the waking world of the afternoon, so I stuck my head in the fridge and got to thinkin’.

Which brings me to a joke I just made up. (Or possibly I heard it a while ago, and now my subconscious has pushed it to the surface. Either way, it makes me laugh.)

What is a frog’s favorite sandwich?

A croque-monsieur!

Sometimes, I’m so funny, it hurts. (Usually, it just hurts other people – I crack myself up. For instance: What do you call a little donkey? A burrito!)

A croque-monsieur is a French sandwich, basically a grilled ham and cheese. A croque-madame has a fried egg on top.

I created a croque-hermaphrodite, I suppose.

It’s a ham and cheese sandwich, soaked in egg and cooked like French toast.

French Toast Croque-Monsieur

sandwich bread
cream cheese
pepper jelly
salt & pepper

Spread cream cheese on one piece of bread. This is easier to do if you warm the cheese in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Spread pepper jelly on another piece of bread. (I’m always looking for new uses for pepper jelly. Two years ago, when we actually had a garden, I preserved pounds of peppers as pepper jelly, and I still have way too much in the pantry.)

Use the two pieces of bread to make a sandwich with some ham inside.

Heat up a frying pan or griddle over medium heat, melting a little butter on it.

While the pan is heating, scramble eggs in a wide bowl with a flat bottom, seasoning with salt and pepper. Add a splash of milk as you scramble. (I used 3 eggs to make 2 sandwiches, and I only had a little left over.)

When the butter is bubbling, place the sandwich in the egg mixture, let it soak for a few seconds, and flip it over. Transfer the sandwich to the hot pan. Cook one side and then the other, letting each side brown a little. You can lift a corner of the sandwich to check how brown it is getting.

After the 2 main sides are cooked, I like to cook the crusty edges, too, so there won’t be gooey, uncooked egg on them. I do this by standing the sandwich up on each edge for about 5-10 seconds.

Serve warm. I topped ours with peach syrup that Santa brought me from Woody’s Smokehouse. You could dust yours with a little powdered sugar, or just eat it as it is.

PS- The sandwiches were great. Kaytie woke up, ate half of hers, got full, and went back to sleep. I should have made coffee, too.

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