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Thursday, January 15, 2009

a standing invitation

So, as previously mentioned, every Sunday Drew & I cook something new for whoever wants to come by. This Sunday the menu is roast chicken with garbanzo beans and spinach, and Drew's making homemade bread. Dinner's around eight. If you want to come, you might want to drop me a line so I know if we have enough food. Also, if you want to bring wine, we won't protest.


  1. Sounds exciting! My brother's a chef, and I like to consider myself a bit of a gourmand (if not, at least a jolly, good-food lover!). I can share a few recipes with you sometime if you'd like. Nothing as refined as what you've been able to design, but some simple good ol' soul food (if a 20-something white guy can MAKE soul food, that is). I really like the blog, keep up the good work, and keep me posted on future publications! If there's anything I can do to help, shoot me line!

  2. So Kaytie, I haven't seen you in like a year (at least)...but I want to invite myself to one of your dinners!