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Saturday, February 14, 2009

of all the eggs i've poached before...

I love gear. Camping gear, tools, kitchen gadgets... So, when I decided to make a new eggs benedict-inspired dish for Kaytie, I made a trip to the Everyday Gourmet to pick up some gadgets. I got some egg rings to use in making black eyed pea-cornbread cakes, and some silicone egg poaching molds.

I was going to just get a silicone muffin tin and cut it into individual cups. (This is what we do at Amerigo.) I was distracted, however, by these little green cups that were designed for poaching eggs. I tried them out this morning.

Poaching eggs is pretty straightforward. I used the method described in the black-eyed benedict post, except that I put the eggs in the silicone molds. I was not impressed. It took the whites too long to firm up, and that made the yolks too hard. It worked better when I covered the pan with a lid, but that also pushed the molds onto the bottom of the pan. I'll try these again, but with a deeper pan and more water. Until then, I prefer just dumping the eggs into the water.

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